Complex statistical analysis or basic tabulations, our use of the flexible and efficient programs written and supported by SPSS enable exhaustive data handling accomplished with cost-effectiveness and rapid turn-around times.

The extensive capabilities of our tabulation program permit crosstabs designed to display virtually any type of tabular analysis and the results of many basic statistical tests (e.g., t tests, chi-square tests and a variety of nonparametric tests). Extensive data weighting/balancing capabilities are also easily implemented using this program which also provides for convenient transfer of data into the SPSS statistical package for further analysis.


We also offer our clients the use of a user-friendly, menu-driven program for further manipulation and analysis of the survey data in their own office on their own PCs. These results may then be exported to a spreadsheet or to a statistical package (e.g., SPSS or SAS) for further analysis or to a graphics program for preparing high quality presentation charts or graphs.

This capability is particularly valuable for examining hypotheses suggested by initial crosstabs, or for maintaining an instantly accessible database of past and current studies.

Needless to say, we will provide such analysis for clients not wishing to exercise this option.