As one of the largest manufacturers of OTC products, Whitehall-Robins Healthcare has worked with many different market research companies over the years.  However, none can match the level of service and commitment to meeting our special business needs which you once again demonstrated over the past several days.  Your ability to complete two critically important "rush jobs" over the past two weekends - one of which was the Labor Day holiday weekend - was truly outstanding. Other research companies would have been unable to come through for us the way you did. We are well aware of the extra effort expanded by you and your staff in order to successfully complete these projects. We are sincerely grateful.

Steve F. Carlstedt
Director of Market Research
American Home Products (Wyeth)

Thank you beyond thank-you note lingo. Thank you for providing - as always - added value that is immeasurable. Thank you for giving me exactly 100 percent precisely what I needed. We're breaking an ad campaign in November that will pick up steam in January and then we'll ramp up to repeat the whole study...

I want to thank you for your constant willingness to deliver on insane deadlines, your insight and suggestions about every study, your perfectionism, and the high quality of the reports you produce...

Barbara Kerbel
Vice President Corporate Communications
CMP Media

As you receive this letter, an important milestone has been achieved - the first shipments of AXID AR are on their way to retail, and will be available in some stores beginning tomorrow...

This development marks the beginning of a new phase - the opportunity to compete in what is the most dynamic of all non-prescription drug categories. It is well worth pausing to acknowledge your contribution in helping us develop the strategic positioning for the Brand's launch. Please accept ... our appreciation for your extraordinary efforts.

Thomas J. Mangano
Associate Director Marketing
American Home Products (Wyeth)